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What’s In A Name?

My family has a thing for naming our dogs. First there was Precious who was straight out of Compton. No, that wasn’t her name, that’s where she was from. Her full official name was Precious Pandy. My mom insisted we name her Precious so that my Grandma would stop calling me precious. I guess she thought I would get a fabulous complex. Boy was she right. (I kid. Sort of.) I came up with the Pandy, after the cute panda bear on the children’s liquid tylenol bottle of course.

Next came Kaillou. King Kaillou Kobe James to be exact. Kaillou after the cartoon Caillou because my cousin thought the little boy in the cartoon was my dad and well my dad thought that was adorable. Caillou was changed to Kaillou because he has this thing for changing names to start with a “k”. Like my middle name Kristine for instance. I digress. Kobe after the greatest basketball player to ever live and James after my grandpa.

After Kaillou came Reggie. Sir Reginald Shaquille Polamalu. Reggie as in Bush, Shaquille because we couldn’t possible have a Kobe without a Shaq (which started the whole 2nd dog movement) and Polamalu for the great Troy.

Needless to say, we take our dog naming very seriously.

After careful consideration and debating, let me introduce you to the newest member of the family:

Mister Enzo Esteban Lionheart Sanchez

Big name for a little guy, but pup by any other name just wouldn’t be as sweet, this I can assure you. So how did this grand name come about exactly? Let me walk you through it…

Enzo: Inspired by the dog from The Art of Racing in the Rain who was named after Enzo Ferrari.

Esteban: This is another pDid pick. We’ve longed talked about getting a third yorkie and naming him after all the characters on Weeds. He suggested Esteban after Esteban Reyes, the mayor of Tijuana and drug “boss” from the show.

Lionheart: After the one  and only, DW.

Sanchez: Oh Mark Sanchez. You know, the former USC Trojan, current quarterback for the Jets and certifiably the most adorable player in the NFL.

Heaven help us if one of us Wheeler kids ever has an actual child.

images from top:
Enzo photo by Schlegelmilch/Corbis via
Esteban photo by Sonja Flemming/Showtime via
Lionheart photo by Me
Sanchez photo source unknown

I Wanna Be Like Nancy Botwin

Okay so maybe I don’t want to be a widowed drug dealing mom who ends up in prison after a brief affair with the head of a Mexican drug cartel, but as far as style is concerned Nancy Botwin has always had it going on.

Season seven of Weeds starts off three years after season six left off. Nance gets out of prison and sent to a halfway house in the Big Apple. Although she gets her possessions back, including her fabulous wardrobe that most mom’s couldn’t pull off, let alone dare to dream about, she needs to find a job. Unfortunately for her, short ruffle dresses or cutoff shorts aren’t exactly interview appropriate.

Enter the closet full of wear to work staples kindly provided by a local Baptist church aka vintage paradise.

Ms. Botwin sure has brought it with the wear to work throw backs and quite frankly she’s the only person who could make these get ups look so chic. Her new look is a little downtown edge with old school proper, all parts equally divine.

Please excuse the slight blurry images, Showtime isn’t so gracious with sharing photos so I had to resort to screen shooting from bootlegged episodes I streamed from sidereel.

This glorious cobalt blue number kicked off this bold new Nancy style. I especially love how the mustard and gold flecked tights matches perfectly with the walls behind her.

Originally I thought the blue number was a fluke and that was that. Then came this brilliant floral dress with the best exaggerated sailor collar I’ve ever laid eyes on.

And then cobalt met floral and tiny birds chirped Disney songs as a shaft of light shed down. I really wish the ruffle details on the sleeves were done justice in the photo.
Image via.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go hunt down the finest Nancy tackles NYC outfits I can get my hands on.


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